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Comic Relief: Graph

Comic Graphic. Y axis = How Much this Graph makes sense. X axis = Time Spent Looking at this Graph. Line of graph is an endlessly repeating sine wave oscillating between 0 and 100%.

Happy Friday All!

Comic Credit: Abstruse Goose

Comic Relief: RSA-2048


Comic Credit: Abstruse Goose

Happy Friday!


Comic Relief: Computer Programming 101



I tend to try to hold myself to the standard that if I can’t explain something simply I don’t understand it well enough, but there are those days where this seems like a better option:

under the hood

Comic Credit: Abstruse Goose

Happy Friday all, more to come next week.

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02 03

04Comic Credit: Abstruse Goose

Apologies for the  blog going dark for a little bit. After ten years living in the Washington DC area we decided to give up the amenities of city life (Goodbye 80 Mbps Comcast Connection hello 8 Mbps DSL)   and bought a small farm in the mountains. In the interest of full disclosure I may from time to time break from the regularly scheduled programming to blog about life on the farm. I will do my best to mark these posts clearly or to figure out some way for them to circle back to the central theme of this blog.

But anyway the blog is back. More posts to come, but for now the view of the backyard.


Comic Relief: PowerShell 5.0


Happy Friday All!

The original unaltered Comic can be found here: Abstruse Goose (Please be mindful of AG’s CCommons license)

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