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Wedding on Saturday — May the weather gods be kind

I have been on a bit of a posting hiatus lately as the time I generally spend doing fun things like blogging has been consumed by this little thing known as an upcoming wedding. If ever there was a perfect demonstration of Parkinson’s Law “Work expands to fill the time available” then this would be it. Granted it is really my fiancée who has done 95% of the work/worrying, but somehow my 5% contribution is absolutely kicking my butt. Anyway very tired and excited. So a little more comic relief to tide you over until I return: this_all_takes_place_in_a_fraction_of_a_second  Abstruse Goose

The Internet

It’s Monday and it seems appropriate to start off the week with something light:

The Internet

Abstruse Goose

Cheers & here’s to getting through a busy week that I really wish were a quiet one.