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Reading List: CChamp/SKY BLUE!!!

Two things you need to know about Charles:

1. He is one of the best resources on Unix/Linux monitoring with SCOM outside of Kris Bash & and the PG.

2. He has an awesome new MP he just released that fixes the age old problem of Monitor based alerts being closed while the monitor is still unhealthy. I have seen customers solve this in the past with Green Machine, but the problem with Green Machine is unless it is applied carefully it becomes a state churn monster in your environment. Sky Blue has some slick PowerShell filtering logic to go only after those pesky monitors/alerts that need it while leaving the rest alone.

Check it out:

SKY BLUE  “management asking about “missing alerts” always feels like a rainy day.” 

Reading List: ScoMurr

Scott is a colleague at MSFT, and a SCOM expert with a development background, thus making him my go to source when I have a tough visual studio authoring questions. His blog covers a range of topics, and is worth looking at:

I learned more about SCOM authoring with Scott in an hour Lync call than I have watching all the authoring videos that are available online.

Reading List: SCOMzilla/scom_atlas

Continuing in this week’s series of blogs that you may not know about that you should read I present Matt T’s blog:

Best known for his awesome scheduled maintenance mode SCORCH runbook solution Matt T is an excellent source of SCOM/SCORCH related knowledge.

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Reading List: The OMX Blog

For whatever reason there are a handful of amazing SCOM blogs that have never gotten the attention that they deserve. I am going to call out a few over the next week, but I wanted to start out with this one:

There aren’t a ton of posts, but it is well worth subscribing to as each post represents a truly unique contribution to SCOM monitoring knowledge. I have had the pleasure of sitting in a room and listening to Michael Repperger talk about SCOM and monitoring two times now and each time I learn an enormous amount. Last week I sat and watched as his session end time rolled past and while it was clear his staff had places to go, a handful of us would have been happy to order dinner and keep him talking for as long as possible. He is without question one of the brightest minds working with SCOM.