Talk: Why We Fail – An Architect’s Journey to the Private Cloud

I forgot how much I enjoyed this talk from MMS last year: “If you talk to senior management in IT organizations, it’s very rare to find one that doesn’t want cloud. I want some of that cloud stuff. What is that? I don’t know, but I want it. OK, here’s some crayons, there you go, draw a cloud.” -Alex Jauch

Alex Jauch’s Blog can be found here.

Ars Technica write up from the conference which mentions the talk.

Talk: Randy Pausch – Time Management

Many people probably know Randy Pausch from his Last LectureHowever, the talk below given on November 2007 at the University of Virginia was truly his last lecture, and remains one of the most useful talks that I have ever seen. I am always surprised that while many have seen the first lecture, this talk remains relatively unknown.

I think for anyone, particularly those who work in IT this talk is worth taking the time to watch:

If you have a favorite talk, lecture, podcast, et cetera let me know with a comment. I would like to start posting a new one every Friday. I have quite a few of my own, but eventually I will run out.

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