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Troubleshooting: Product Evaluation is expiring in 60 days (SCOM 2012)

With some System Center 2012 products like Service Manager the install GUI requires you to enter a license key. While this is annoying during the install process this is nice in that it makes sure that you don’t forget to enter a license key. With Operations Manager 2012 the installer does not prompt for a license key and by default all installs are technically 180 day evaluation copies. This is fine except eventually you will log into the OpsMgr console and see the following:

eval expiring

This can be a little scary especially when you are seeing this in a production environment.


The official Microsoft instructions for adding a license key can be found here.

You will need to run the following powershell commands on each of your SCOM Management servers:

Launch Powershell Run as an Administrator

Type the following:

Import-Module operationsmanager


Set-SCOMLicense -ProductID “Enter your license key here”


Hit Enter


The Microsoft instructions then tell you to run:

Get-SCOMManagementGroup | ft skuforlicense, version, timeofexpiration -a

For me this would consistently return the following result with the Management server still appearing to be running a Eval copy:


However if you reboot the management server and rerun the commands you should see something like this:


So the reboot seems to be key after running through all the steps above.



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