System Center Technical Preview Released: What’s New in SCOM

For those of you with MSDN accounts System Center Technical Preview is now out.

Technical Preview

I haven’t had a huge amount of time to dig in to see what’s new, but here are a few things that have caught my eye so far with the Preview for SCOM:

Open PowerShell Task

Open PowerShell

What is interesting about this task is that it isn’t simply launching an administrative PowerShell prompt on your local system. It is contextual to whatever server you have selected in the windows computer view and thus takes care of the fun of invoking a remote session for you in a single click.


(I had originally thought this was exclusive to the MP’s in the Technical Preview, but @StanZhelyazkov kindly pointed that this was added in the latest version of the Windows OS MP’s that came out on 8/27/2014:

I was hoping for some new Dashboards, but it looks like for now we have all the same Dashboards from 2012 R2 plus those that were added in UR2. The only change I have noticed so far is that some of the names of the dashboards have been modified.

Contextual Healh renamed

There are some new Management Pack Wizards. The TFS wizard may have already existed I haven’t imported that MP before, but I believe the Unix/Linux Service Monitoring Wizard is new:

Management Pack Wizards

New Monitors: (Two new Unix/Linux Script Monitors)


New Task Option:(Run a UNIX/Linux Script)

New Task


Tools: New OpsConfig Tool v1.1 released


Download Here

This is an AS-IS proof-of-concept GUI tool for core maintenance tasks that some of my customers perform on a regular basis in Operations Manager. There are a number of great OpsMgr PowerShell scripts, MP’s, and maintenance tools out there–this tool is not intended to replace, merely to compliment them while giving me the opportunity to get better acquainted with PowerShell.  


1. Bulk Backup of all UnSealed MP’s

2. Unseal and Backup of all Sealed MP’s

3. Return a list of all systems where Proxy is not enabled

4. Enable Proxy on all systems in your Management Group 

5. Return a list of all systems in Maintenance Mode

Requirements: The tool is intended to be run on a Management server by an account that had admin access in SCOM & read access to the OperationsManager DB.

Compatibility: SCOM 2012, 2012 SP1, 2012 R2

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