Best Practices: Building a home System Center Test environment Part II

Part II (Create your first virtual machine)

So to recap in Part I we covered:

-Some basics around choosing hardware
-Where to get install media from
-How to Install Hyper-V depending on if you are installing from a workstation or server based OS.

Now that you have your base Hyper-V install we can begin setting up the first VM.

Launch Hyper-V Manager

 New-Virtual Machine

Click Next

Name your VM and choose a location

Choose Generation 2

Assign Memory

Add A connection for a NIC

Click Next

Select Install an Operating System and point to your Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO and click Next

Click Finish

Right click your newly created VM–Select Connect–Click Power button–Press Enter to Boot to the ISO

Click Next

Click Install Now

If using MSDN or other non-trial based install enter a product key.

Select (Server with GUI)

I accept the license terms

Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

Click Next

Wait Patiently…

Create a password


Turn on automatic updates and install any updates that are required

Power down the server and add additional cores.

Power the server back on and log back in. You are now ready for Part III (Setting up your domain controller)

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