Best Practices: Adding Custom Branding to SCOM reports

A few months ago I received a request for how to customize SCOM report headers to remove some corporate branding  which had been added by a consultant. This used to be a fairly easy topic to track down posts on, but a lot of the old posts aren’t around anymore.

If you want to modify SCOM 2007/2012 reporting with custom branding you need to go to the server that hosts your SSRS reporting instance and make a few changes.

If you aren’t sure where this is you can go to:


You need to go the URL: http://servername/reports (depending on your network you may have to remote that
server and go to http://localhost/reports)

Select Details View

If you upload and replace the banner_landscape.jpg, and banner_portrait.jpg with your custom branding images with files with the identical names

Go to Upload File

Upload and overwrite a new image to replace each. I attached the two images from one of my test environments. You can either use these, download the original images from any other SCOM reporting environment, or make your own banners just make sure you rename the files to match the existing file names.

You will now have SCOM reports with custom branding instead of the standard Microsoft System Center branding.


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