Troubleshooting: SCOM reports yield weird data/what the heck does 9.221E+07 mean?

Eventually when running a report in SCOM you are going to end up with a report like the one below.


At first glance everything looks okay. But then you start looking at the data that was returned and it can sometimes be a little confusing.


Usually the questions I get from customers ranges from “I think this report is broken” to “what the heck does 9.221E+07 mean?”

Fear not, reporting is not broken and 9.221E+07 is not nearly as confusing as it may seem. Basically, what is going on is that the dataset you have returned is so large in regards to the number of digits that in order to display it in a meaningful way the system is presenting the data using some shorthand commonly known as scientific notation. All you need to understand is that +07 indicates the number of times the decimal point would need to be moved to the right to display the full number.

So 9.221E+07 = 92210000

And if we look at the top of the chart we will note that the particular performance counter that we are reporting on is being returned in Bytes so we are dealing with:

92210000 Bytes

For those of you who like me are not particularly mathematically inclined and prefer to leave conversions to someone else I recommend using the wonderful built-in functionality of PowerShell.

If you enter 9.221E+07 and hit enter it will automatically output the full value for you:


If the original unit–in this case Bytes–is not your unit of choice and you want to know what the value is in MB  just enter the value in scientific notation form and then divide by 1 MB:

9.221E+07  / 1MB


Same goes for GB

9.221E+07  / 1GB



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