Intro to Azure Monitor – Application Insights with ASP.NET Core

So we just published a brand new doc at this week to cover everything you need to get up and running with ASP.NET Core and Application Insights.

Previously, we did a decent job of covering how to get things set up with predefined templates in Visual Studio, but if you were on a Mac or using Linux or prefer using VS Code our instructions were a little lacking/non-existent until very recently.

Please check out the doc, and if there is something that we aren’t covering that you want to see let us know. We already have a great comment from a developer who wants coverage of how exception tracking works in the App Insights ASP.NET Core SDK.

To accompany the doc I put together two new intro videos. One walking through setting up a basic ASP.NET Core app in VS Code and adding server-side and client-side monitoring:

And a new video walking through the process for ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio. (The Visual Studio video is extremely similar to the first video in the series on monitoring ASP.NET, this is mainly just to show you that the underlying code changes made to your project are different.):

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